Hair Services

Prices exclude Blow Dry or Cut

Masking (alfaparf) – from €26.30 Masking (precious nature) – from €31
Tint (alfaparf) -from  €54 Tint (precious nature) – from €66.60
Semi Permanent – from €46.50 Fashion Colourby quotation
Tint & Floods – from €89 Semi & Floods – from €82
Toner – from12.50 – €28.00 Pre Colour – from €28
Hair Cleanseby quotation Effeser Cleanseby quotation
Pigments – from €7.75 – €26.60

Prices exclude Blow Dry or Cut

T-Bar – from €57.50 T-Bar (long)– from67.50
Half Head (short) – from85.50 Half Head (long) – from97.60
Full Head (short) – from111.00 Full Head (long) – from 122.00
Bleach Tint – from67.50 Balayage – from  €97.70
Olaplex – from €31
GHD – €39 Upstyle  (short) €58
Upstyle (long) – €67 Half Upstyle – €46
Platts – €22.50  
Short Blowdry €29 Medium Blowdry €32
Long Blowdry €39.50 Swivel Blowdry – from €31.50
Ladies Cut €62 Ladies Restyle €67.50
Student Cut – €50 Gents Cut €26.50
Gents Shave €16 Teenager Boys Cut€17.50
Childrens Dry Cut (Mon / Wed) €23 Student & Childrens Cuts (Thurs to Sat) – €50
*please note that No Dry Cut’s Thurs to Sat
Childrens Wash Cut & Blow Dry (Mon / Wed) €31
Lisse Design 12 week Blow Dry €191 Root Perm €55.50
Perm (short) – €64 Perm (long) by quotation
Defy Damage €25 Olaplex €31
Joico K-Pak 4 Step Treatment €31.50 Hair Supporters – €31.50
Mud Mask – €30.50 Essential Blue Oil €13

Beauty Treatments

When it comes to brow design and definition we believe in the art of precision. We specialize in beauty treatments and solutions which are tailored to your needs.
Red Carpet Brow – €35
(45 minutes treatments)
Complete Eyebrow Restyle
The works – a complete brow makeover, includes a consultations, long lasting tint and hair removal with various techniques (include threading & waxing), also includes Indian Head Massage or Hand & Arm Massage plus complementary Eyelash Tint.
HD Brows  – €35
Our treatment begins with an in-depth consultation to agree the size, shape and the look you want, before starting to create the perfect, bespoke brows to fit your face.
We’ll apply custom-blended colour and your Stylist will darken, lighten* or simply tone the natural shade of your brow to ensure your look is complimented, not overtaken. Our exclusive brow mapping formula then works to build your unique shape before using a combination of HD hair depilation techniques to create it.

Strip Lashes  – €10
Give us five minutes of your time and we’ll give you a whole day of daring glances. These strips simply peel off when the party’s over.
Weekend Clusters – €25
It’s all about the aftercare with these eye-emboldening beauties. If you’re on it, expect them to last for up to five days.
Two Week Lashes – €40
Twenty minutes in the chair equals up to two weeks of flawless, tapered extensions, applied one by one to your natural lash.
LVL Lashes –  €55
The Lvl lash lift will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes without the need for extensions.

Upper Lip – €12 Lip & Chin – €20
Chin – €12 Lip & Eyebrow – €24
Brow to Go / Eyebrow Shaping – €15 Brow to Go (shaping) & Eyebrow Tint – €25
Eyebrow Shaping & Lash Tint – €25 Side of Face – €15
Neck, Sides & Jaw Line – €25 Full Face – €40

Here at the Brow Bar we only use the best products and our wax is no exception. Australia’s leading wax Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. Using 100% organic ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon wax adheres only to the hair and not the skin. A peel of wax that gives you the closest, smoothest and most painless waxing ever!

Upper Lip  – €12 Lip & Chin – €16
Chin – €10 Upper Lip & Eyebrow – €16
Brow to Go / Eyebrow Shaping – €15 Eyebrow Wax or Tweeze – €11
Eyebrow Wax  & Brow Tint – €19 Eyebrow Wax, Lash  & Brow Tint€27
Side of Face – €15 Neck, Sides & Jaw Line – €25
Full Face – €40

For your comfort we must complete a patch test prior to full treatment.

Eyebrow – €10.50
Eyelash €13.50
Eyelash & Eyebrow – €22

Indian Head Massage – €30
(30 minutes)

File and Polish (hands) – €17 File and Polish (toes) €18
French Polish (hands) – €20.50 French Polish (toes) – €20.50
Full Manicure – €45 Full Pedicure & Polish – €55
Full Manicure with French – €47.50 Full Pedicure with French – €57.50
Little Princess File & Polish (hands) – €15 Little Princess File & Polish (toes) – €15
Shellac French Polish on Hands – €38 Shellac French Polish on Feet – €42
Shellac (2-week Manicure) – €35 Shellac (2-week Manicure) 0n feet – €40
Shelllac or Gel polish removal if not ours – from €10 – €20 Mini-manicure & Polish – €25
OPI Mini-Pedicure & Polish – €35 OPI Mini Manicure & French Polish – €27.50
OPI Mini Pedicure with French Pedicure – €37.50 OPI Pamper Manicure with Polish –  €45
OPI Pamper Manicure with French Polish – €47.50 OPI Pamper Pedicure with Polish –  €55
OPI Pamper Pedicure with French Polish – €57.50
We are delighted to be able to introduce our much sought after in-house makeup artist team of Lorraine Carey & Liz McCarthy.
Both are renowned within the beauty industry for their passion, dedication and skill and they are available to transform your look for your special wedding day, special occasion or just to update your look with the latest trends and fashion.

Colours has joined with IMAGE to give you the most elite skincare on the market. Our highly trained Skin Specialist Lorraine will provide you with a detailed plan to turn back time on your face, neck and body. Please contact us for your complimentary consultation.

Wedding Packages

For your special day we have created a unique experience for you and your entourage.
Our bridal experts are at hand to consult with you regarding the Hair, Nails & Make-Up services you require on your special day.They will be on hand from the moment of booking, to pre-trial and right up to the special day itself.
Our promise to you is a morning of complete enjoyment and relaxation for all your entourage. While our experts tend to your every need the entire bridal party is treated to complimentary champagne and strawberries and a wide selection of coffees and herbal teas from our complimentary coffee bar service.
The only thing Colours will have left you to do is put on your beautiful dress!
For a further consultation call 021 436 6635 or email us at [email protected]

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