1. HUSH & HUSHFEATURES & BENEFITS1.PLANT YOUR DAYContains 50 clinically proven ingredients.FEATURES-Vegan friendly, super green, superfood smoothie for the skin with a chocolate/vanilla flavour.Contains pre and pro biotics, antioxidantsand B-Vitamins.BENEFITS-Easy to digest, organic pumpkin protein.More greens that a green juice to alkalise the gut.USE-2 scoops in liquid of your choice–suggested in the morning with 200ml waterAlso bake/cook with itSKIN CONDITION-Rosacea,acne, Sensitivity2.TIME CAPSULEContains 35 clinically proven ingredients.FEATURES-All encompassing age reversing and delaying supplement for maximum protection against aging.Contains a time reverse and daily defence complex along with botanicals that act as a sunscreeninternally.BENEFITS-4 in 1-it’s your multi vitamin (A, C,D,E,K) Biotin and mCalcuim), Beauty Supplement ( collagen,Hyaluronic acid & Omegas) environmental shield and energy booster combined)USE-Take 2 tablets dailySKINCONDITIONS:Acne, pigmentation, Rosacea, Aging, Dryness3.DEEPLY ROOTED

  2. Contains 33 clinically proven ingredients.FEATURES-Daily nutraceutical with clean clinical vitamins, amino acids and fruit/botanical extracts toencourage stronger, longer, thickerand healthier hair.BENEFITS-4 key benefits:Increases scalp healthVolumeShineHair densityTargets the underlying cause of think weak hair by nourishing and restructuring the follicle to setthe foundation of healthy hair growth as well as kick start the hair growth cycle.Designed to keep the hair in the anagen phase for longer.USE-Take 4 capsules daily. See noticeable results in approx. 3 months.4.MIND YOUR MINDContains 17 clinically proven ingredients.FEATURES-Melatonin freenutraceutical featuring proprietary mind calming complex for inner balance andrestful sleep.BENEFITS-Ingredients such as chamomile flower and valerian root calm the mind, reduce stress, restfulnessand mental clutter.It helps you fall asleep and stay asleepUSE-Take capsule in the evening approx. 1 hour before bedDo not take more than 2 capsules in a 24 hour period.