Sómas is an Irish word translating to ‘Ease’ or ‘Comfort’ 

At Sómas they aspire to help you find your moments of bliss and create mindful daily rituals through an array of beautifully scented, immersive home and body products – Accompanied by a selection of high quality, beautifully crafted home accessories. All the candles, diffusers and mists are carefully handcrafted in Ireland. 


The gift of joy Inspired by the Legends of St. Gobnait the packaging is designed to resemble a honeycomb which is believed to bring joy, good luck and new life.

Enjoy your moments of  comfort with SÓMAS.

Fiádh- Irish for ‘Wild’. Inspired by the wilderness and wonders of our landscape, with vibrant notes and colours the collection was designed to capture the kaleidoscope of natural beauty.

The full range is in store now at Colours.